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Dear you,
smallnico whispered: imagine frank offering to teach the underworld kids how to swim. nico just kind of is like "hell no" and he hjust leaves and hazel's like "ok," and she tries her best but just sinks like a rock






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if the broadway and theatre community dislikes bootlegs so much and don’t want people filming their shows they need to work on making theatre a more accessible form of media by filming shows professionally because you know they talk a lot about being a very open welcoming community but don’t do anything to make that community welcoming to people who can’t afford to see shows or people who live in rural areas and are literally unable to attend shows at all

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This is the kind of boyfriend I need.

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is she using a vhs to try to clean that up

I’m almost 100% sure that’s the box for Sonic 2 

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FRIENDS is actually an acronym for the names of the characters :)



bIng, Chandler





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Sometimes the best way to fight back is to rise above.

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"Dude, you just ran like 13 miles in 30 minutes."

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oh my godddddd there is a new swedish reality tv show where they are tracking down internet trolls and confronting them about the death threats they’ve sent to people, since it’s actually illegal.

watching them try to explain how it’s not them is the best entertainment i’ve ever seen.

this episode ended with them fining him 5000 SEK to be paid to the victim!

guess what America should do

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17 countries that have beat America to electing a female leader

Though women make up approximately half of the U.S.’s population, they hold fewer than 20% of legislative seats. And out of 44 presidents, not one has been female.

See the full listFollow policymic

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